Preparing to present

ITSC09 mlearning workshop graphicsI’m presenting in 3 weeks at the Innovative Technology in Schools Conference in Brisbane. For this event, I’d like to reflect a little on the process I go through in developing an experience for the participants…

The first task I set myself when beginning to prepare my presentation is to create an initial page who’s graphics and text convey a sense of what the session will cover in as simplified a form as possible. Its the geeky graphic designer in me, but I feel it saves me and the audience time in explaining and introducing if much of the basics can simply be said graphically… (see what you think this sample of the graphics I’ve created so far tell you about what participants are in line for).

Adaptability replacing knowledge as power?

Funny how it is that the more you know, the more you know how little you know? Such is the curse of an always-connected, instant-search world where every question can be googled. But are we finding that human brains can cope with such a potential flood of email, RSS, twitter, facebook etc messages beamed at us in real-time? As empowering as it is (and believe me it is!), this amount of data may be bringing a new survival skill to the forefront – adaptability.

This is my conclusion after reading this article from the ad-heavy but still excellent MasterNewMedia site. In the article, Jay Cross posits that due to the effect of events like 911 and the ever-increasing pace of technological innovation, the ability to be flexible and adaptable may be more important now than just being able to access large chunks of knowledge. 

As always, a middle path will perhaps prove best – ie. those who adapted to the introduction of micro-blogging services like twitter in the early stages have now built extremely powerful knowledge networks.