The iPod Touch for mobile learning: a presentation

I was recently fortunate enough to be able to present at the Innovative Technology in Schools Conference in Brisbane on the topic of mobile learning. Imagine my excitement at having a set of 30 iPod Touch’s available for the participants to learn on! This was a chance to show what the combination of current developments like ubiquitous mobile devices, wireless connectivity and cloud computing (via services like Evernote) will mean for learning in the near-future.

Despite various technical hurdles (ie. batteries being flat, proxies keeping us from using the wifi fully, twitter search being down!) the attendees seemed to have a great time discovering what possibilities mobile devices hold for education. So here are several ways that you too can experience what I was able to share:




One thought on “The iPod Touch for mobile learning: a presentation

  1. Hi Jonathon,

    Checked out your slide show and thought it was great. I put my slide show, iPod iLearn up on slideshare also that I used last weekend at ICTEV and for the DEECD Innovators Showcase at Crown Palladium in Melb. Every day is a new day with an iPod Touch.

    Cheers from Jenny

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