Learning at the moment of need

In any field, I’ve often found that my best new learning comes from something slightly fringe to my own area. Not totally removed, but similar enough that I can grasp it and integrate it. Such a new learning has happened recently from the world of corporate or business training, where the necessity of moving to mobile and ubiquitous tools has been addressed better than in my own area of formal education actually. Dr Conrad Gottfredson works in this area, and posits that learning experiences should be planned for from a perspective of need, with these five being a summary of the greatest moments of learning need:

1. when learning for the first time, 2. when learning more, 3. when remembering or applying what’s been learnt, 4. when things go wrong, and 5. when things change.

So what has this got to do with mobile and ubiquitous learning? For me, it speaks to what are the advantages of mobile learning. The first two on this list, as another commentator here has noted, are not so mobile-related. These are the areas of learning we have focused on traditionally. From Gottfredon’s list though its obvious that they are not the full picture, and I don’t think that traditional or even online learning has catered for them very well. BUT, what tool could be better for reviewing previously learnt content JUST IN TIME than a mobile device that is always with you? And what learning tool are you most likely to have on hand, wether out and about during informal learning moments, or in the middle of a busy classroom when suddenly something goes wrong, or a change in direction is required? I wonder…

Read more here and even apply to join Gottfredson’s ning if you like. There is also a podcast here – just remember teachers and educators this is from the business world – but there could be some good fringe learnings waiting for you! Also go here to read how these ideas can be extended into the wider picture of a ‘continuous learning environment’ …

10 intriguing iPad apps for Educators

Amidst all the hype, here is a look at 10 intriguing iPad apps that may just be useful in your classroom.
This video was created 100% on an iPad alone.Apps:Time BOM, The Australian, SIB Romeo & Juliet, Popplet, AudioNote, Caster, ReelDirector, Mover+, TypeDrawing, 2Screens, and Paperdesk

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iPhone 4 – not much for educators? (updated)


While I wait for a decent Android tablet to ship (be it iPod touch or iPad sized), I’ll instead post here about the just released info on the iPhone 4 and its OS (iOS4). Why? Well because in my state alone there are many many schools using the iPod touch to enhance learning. Here are some thoughts:

iPhone 4 new wiz-bang features:

  • 960x 640 ‘retina’ IPS display, antenna’s integrated into the case, front facing video camera, all glass casing thats much thinner than the 3GS, noise-canceling mic, Apple A4 processor, LED flash, fast 802.11N wifi, gyroscope, 5 megapixel camera with 5x digital zoom, 720p HD video recording, iMovie for iPhone and ‘Facetime’ wifi video calling.

I can’t see much there that will actually help me do my job as a teacher any better than what the 3GS does, perhaps except that it’ll be a bit faster at switching from say reading a pdf to showing a picture etc. UPDATE: Looks like from the tech specs on the iPhone 4 site that it will support VGA out to projectors like the iPad – NICE!

Perhaps of more interest from a school perspective is what the iOS 4 update will bring on June 21:

  • iBooks – plenty of free books AND will soon be able to act as a standard PDF reader and bookshelf
  • Multi-tasking – this is why I say iOS4 – not much for schools, because the vast majority of us are using 2nd gen iPod touches in our schools, and these won’t support mulit-tasking. Will have to see what price the 3rd gen iPod touch drops down to around september when the 4th gen iPod touch should be released, but when the 2nd gen is now available for under AU$200, its hard not to be getting these for schools
  • Spellchecking is listed as one of the new features – didn’t we have that before?
  • bluetooth keyboard support – now this might be a big one for students – what does everyone think? Screen still too small to type with a full keyboard?
  • The update will at least be free for iPod touches now!