Review: Jot touch screen stylus provides a unique solution #ADEdu #Slide2learn #mlearn

Adonit Jot-Pro stylus review
By Jonathan Nalder | Teacher | Mobile Learning Project Officer | Apple Distinguished Educator | Twitter: @jnxyz

For touchscreen use where fine control is required, fingers and even traditional ‘rubber-tipped’ styli can do an ok job, but the fact that you can’t see the exact touch point often creates problems. Adonit, a brand new design company has just released the Jot stylus to address exactly this problem.

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The Jot has two models -
> Jot – aluminium and steel body with protective cap.
> Jot Pro – adds a rubber grip and magnet to attach to your device

General Comments:
The way that the Jot addresses the problem of being able to see what you are drawing on the touchscreen is to replace the rubber ends of other styli with a ballpoint to which is attached a clear flat disc. The disc sits on the screen and provides the conductivity that iPad and other capacitive touchscreens require to work, while still allowing the exact touch point to be seen at all times.

Innovative solution for tasks that require precision. Has fantastic build quality, and a competitive price (from US$19.99), and they even sell spares of the disc and caps etc in case these did get misplaced.

About the only limitation of the Jot is that it can struggle on thicker screen protectors. These can cause it to catch just ever so slightly, slowing the Jot down. See the website for a list of those that can cause issues.

The Bottom Line:
Being able to see the exact point of contact is vital for drawing apps and any task that requires more precision than the whole width of a finger can provide. For this reason, as well as its solid build quality and design, the Jot is now the only stylus I use on my iPad.

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Livescribe Pens – $50 for teachers offer

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Can a nerd change the world? #SteveJobs

Can a nerd change the world? Maybe. Has a nerd +liberal + perfectionist + a maximum care factor changed the world? Oh yeah. Why can’t we all be like him? With 300,000,000 iOS devices & millions more Macs out there, perhaps the time to start is now.


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First thoughts on #iPhone4S and #iOS5 Apple event -from an Educator #Slide2learn #ADEANZ #ADEuc8ors

Just reading thru some of the details about the  announcements overnight – now 500,000 apps – oops, I mean 500,000 potential learning resources.

I’ve been thinking what’s in it for educators – not much this time. No updated iPod touch, and seemingly no price drop either to compensate. Will be useful as we upgrade our personal phones over time to have AirPlay mirroring on the new iPhone 4S though, and the amazing looking new camera. Siri looks amazing also – not sure I’d be wanting to talk to my phone in a busy classroom tho instead of tapping to get things done.

iOS 5 however has many great new free features – like wireless syncing and the notifications upgrade – more than enough to be totally thrilled by I should point out to those who were banking on the iPhone five rumours. I do wonder how schools outside my jurisdiction will handle iCloud though – is it just my area, or do other schools have legal restrictions on what student work and data can be stored in the cloud?

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