iPhone5 review in 26 words or less

Why would I talk about a consumer device like the iPhone here at uLearning Blog? Basically because it sets a bar each year for how much advanced computing can be squeezed into a soon to become even more ubiquitous device. Smartphones are today’s PCs and give us an idea where tomorrow’s computing may be heading.




Svelte • Precise • Seriously light • Bigger + smaller at the same time i.e. Less is more • Fast • Expensive • Inherently complex but implicitly simple • Slab of the future

2 thoughts on “iPhone5 review in 26 words or less

  1. Well said! I’m very jealous, JN. Mine is set to ship out 10-9 and I hope to have the same experience.

    Props for using svelte, BTW. I used to have command of that word before 14+ years of teaching elementary simplified my lexicon. ;-) Cheers!

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