Preparing to present pt3- collaboration & interaction

I’m now heavily down the track of preparing my workshop. The overall plan and sequence of content is set. But I don’t want to just be preaching for two hours do I? 21st century education demands collaboration and interactivity after all…

So this stage is about connecting with peers for feedback and ideas. Rather than just going in cold, I talk to other ADE’s and educators using iPod Touch’s. I post questions on twitter, and scour blogs of other practitioners for ideas. In particular, in this stage I’ve been able to network with Megan Iemma who is doing a similarly themed workshop at the Melbourne ITSC09.

Out of this I am able to begin incorporating not just content into my presentation, but interactive learning experiences (such as an app scavenger hunt, thanks Megan!) that will see all of us at the workshop learning together.

Preparing to present pt2.

evernote notebook

My next step after setting up the graphical elements of my presentation is to gather all my resources in one place and make them available as a resource for the day. I do this with, which allows me to put every piece of relevant info I find, be it web pages, pdf files, even handwritten notes into a notebook that I can search and access from the web, my desktop or my phone. This is a great example of the power of cloud computing. Imagine having a joint class notebook where students could post almost any kind of content from any kind of device?!

For the purposes of the workshop, once I’ve used these resources to construct my workshop, I can use evernote to publish the notebook to a web address so they are all accessible for workshop attendees also! I can’t rate evernote highly enough in this regard. Attendees can even rss/bookmark the site so that when I add new resources to the notebook, they are notified.

Preparing to present

ITSC09 mlearning workshop graphicsI’m presenting in 3 weeks at the Innovative Technology in Schools Conference in Brisbane. For this event, I’d like to reflect a little on the process I go through in developing an experience for the participants…

The first task I set myself when beginning to prepare my presentation is to create an initial page who’s graphics and text convey a sense of what the session will cover in as simplified a form as possible. Its the geeky graphic designer in me, but I feel it saves me and the audience time in explaining and introducing if much of the basics can simply be said graphically… (see what you think this sample of the graphics I’ve created so far tell you about what participants are in line for).