Can your Smartphone do this?

Not to start any disputes as to which Smartphone is better because several modern platforms are now capable of the feat I’m about to report, but can your phone do this?

Can it: ”Look for files on your remote home or office computer and download those files to your device or e-mail them to a friend or colleague. ’ReachMyFile‘ provides easy, secure, instant access to remote files over cellular (3G, EDGE) and Wi-Fi networks”. In other words, can you browse you home computer and access, download, email etc its files? THIS is what the mobile, wireless, cloud computing, everywhere or ubiquitous computing is all about. Local storage capacity becomes a non-issue with this kind of capability. 
For Education, there a few implications. Firstly, in the coming years it may mean closed, safe school networks can be easily bypassed by students ‘beaming’ in their own files. But secondly, and on a positive note, it means that no assignment or homework can be left at home!

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Windows Mobile to change strategy

After seeing its market share of smartphones diminish recently for a couple of reasons (iPhone, Blackberry …), and before the amazing new Palm Pre smartphone is released, Windows Mobile has decided to cull the number of WinMo phones that are released. Interesting move/ reaction to worldwide converged device developments…

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PALM (finally) strikes back!


Well, the long 5 year wait for originators of handheld devices with mass-appeal Palm to UPDATE its operating system has finally arrived. Seriously my 5-year old NZ90 Clie runs basically the same OS as the latest Centro smartphone from Palm. In that time Palm has just kept up with the times by morphing from PDAs to ok Qwerty-keyboard smartphones. BUT in that time we’ve had iPhones and the Android OS and multi-touch and web2.0 etc etc. 
Now Palm has announced the ‘pre’ with a large touchscreen, sliding qwerty-keyboard, gorgeous rounded design, AND a new OS known as WebOS. See more here at Engadget’s report: 
Needless to say with Android, iPhone apps and now WebOS in the mix, Educators now have three modern, capable platforms to utilize for moving learning into the 21st century. More to come when WebOS actually hits the streets (sometime in the next 5 months apparently). 


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